Aliens and UAPs, part 2

Ahead of the National Security Subcommittee hearing about UAPs this morning and beyond part 1, I wanted to share even more of my thoughts and feelings. I’ve made quite a few assumptions about both aliens and the situation to get through part 1 (which is also why I made a part 0), and I want to tackle some of those assumptions here.

Other alien possibilities?

So far, I’ve basically been assuming that there’s only one type of alien. Maybe there’s a Galactic Federation, which some seem to believe. To me, this feels like what I think of as conspiracy stacking.

Believing in a Galactic Federation feels like asking me to believe in multiple things: 1. that alien life exists, 2. that space-faring aliens exist, 3. that many space-faring aliens exist, and 4. that these many space-faring aliens got together to form a federation.

I don’t even have proof of 1 let alone 2. It feels like 3 and 4 are beyond my reach for now. I can only juggle so much at once.

This is also how I feel when people start getting into woo woo territory.

The aliens are us—from the future! We’re stacking time travel (and very likely multiverse woo to make sense of the time travel).

Aliens are 6th-dimensional spiritual beings. We’re stacking dimensions and spirituality—at the same time!

I have plenty of imagination, but I’m still on 1 and 2. It already feels so unlikely to me that aliens are here that trying to justify woo woo on top of it feels so wild. Even the idea of a Galactic Federation makes way more sense than woo stuff—because I’ve seen living beings form federations.

Of course, it could also not be aliens.

What if it’s not aliens?

It could just be a hoax—or maybe there is something weird going on with UAPs but it has nothing to do with alien lifeforms.

Maybe we humans have created some amazing technology that some shadowy part of the government wants to keep secret.

Maybe this could all just be to distract us from Trump or from climate devastation or from sapient AI or anything else.

Maybe it’s Project Bluebeam! What’s that? Ask Serge Monast.

In 1994, he published Project Blue Beam (NASA), in which he detailed his claim that NASA, with the help of the United Nations, was attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ.

Wikipedia’s article on Serge Monast

Actually, wait, don’t ask him. New World Order stuff is usually some weird antisemetic shit. This sounds dumb. Right, Erik?

If it is, why here and now?

Why is this so focused on the US? Is this some American exceptionalism bullshit? And why now? Why not decades ago?

Why the US? Well, I’ve read one random theory that suggests that China has reverse-engineered some alien technology (particularly, mining technology). Obviously, the US can’t let China win and/or the US wants to go public with it, and that would involve slowly starting disclosure. Or something. I’m not sure if I buy it. But that’d also explain why now.

Why else now? Maybe the aliens do want to help. Maybe we’re reaching the point of global catastrophe, and the aliens need to intervene to help us—maybe aliens are the only ones who can stop Big Oil.

I have another idea too. This isn’t a terribly serious one. Obviously, if it is a hoax, it could be to cover up many other ongoing things. But what if it’s a Russian spy plot to get the US masses to push the government to declassify secret technology so that the Russian government can try to copy it and/or catch up? Like, it doesn’t even have to be alien technology for that. We could have some super cool stealth drones or something.






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