Aliens and UAPs, part 1

Ahead of the National Security Subcommittee hearing about UAPs this morning, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings. No one asked, but that’s not why I’m doing this—think of this like a dated letter to myself to see if I had any correct intuitions about what in the hell is going on with UAPs, aliens, alien technology, and the government.

(Also, you don’t need to read part 0, but it covers some questions to some of the assumptions made here—with more covered in part 2.)

It doesn’t seem like there will be a lot of “hard” evidence (like pictures or footage or even first-hand accounts), but, apparently, the “hard” evidence has been shared with Congress. To me, this makes sense because I find it hard to believe that they’d really make such a stink about this without stuff even more compelling than what has been shared.

I’m sure there will be a Senate hearing about it in the near future. Plus, it’s looking like “disclosure” has bipartisan support.

The star of the show seems to be David Grusch, and there’s actually an article on Wikipedia about his whistleblower claims. In short, he is claiming that we have alien crafts, alien technology, and alien bodies. The hearing is about to happen, but you can also read his opening statement here.

It is my hope that the revelations we unearth through investigations of the Non-Human Reverse Engineering Programs I have reported will act as an ontological (earth-shattering) shock, a catalyst for a global reassessment of our priorities. As we move forward on this path, we might be poised to enable extraordinary technological progress in a future where our civilization surpasses the current state-of-the-art in propulsion, material science, energy production and storage.

from David Grusch’s opening statement (emphasis mine)

That’d be pretty crazy, right?

Could aliens really be here?

The word “could” is doing a lot of legwork here. Sure, they could be here. Do I believe that they are? No. Do I hope that they are? Also no.

Let me first say that I’m a very open-minded skeptic. I’m very interested in (cool) conspiracies like those about aliens. There are some stories out there that I find quite convincing. My favorite one is the Ariel School UFO incident. In 1994, there’s a story of 60-ish schoolchildren reporting that they saw strange men or spirits come from flying crafts. Those strange men apparently telepathically warned (some of) the children that our planet was doomed if we didn’t protect the environment. Even when interviewed individually by a psychiatrist, all interviewed children maintained their story while sharing the same details. As far as I can tell, since then, the experiences have maintained their story. Very interesting.

Anyway, are they here? I dunno. I’d be shocked if the government—even a shadowy cabal of “elites” (eww, dog whistle)—could keep such a secret for so long. In fact, if they have, then that’s already scary enough.

And would the aliens let themselves be hidden? Sure, it’s right there on the tin: they aren’t hiding—just look at the UFOs!

But, really, let’s say that they’re benevolent. They want to help us. We’re destroying our planet. The government says “fuck you” or is only interested in weapons. And the aliens say, “Okay, fair. Yeah, that’s cool.” Really?

If they’re malevolent, then maybe they’ve just been sending scout craft, and the real alien invasion is about to begin, and the government has been hiding that for us so we don’t panic. That’s… an interesting thought.

What do the aliens want?

I really don’t know. This is the hardest part. If there’s life out there, is it anything like our life? If that life has formed civilizations and pondered philosophy, are their versions anything like ours? Are they enlightened greys that want to help us? Are they ravenous crabs that want to take over the universe? Is this a Star Trek situation?

Like I said, I don’t know, but the more I thought about what the aliens wanted, the more I realized that I cared about…

What do I want?

I want them to be cool. I don’t think they’ll be so “enlightened” that we’ll be like ants to them. If we both have some form of language, then we can hopefully remove the barrier of communication. Like, how could we be like ants to them? Ants can’t talk. Language is a hugely powerful tool.

What if I could talk to ants ducks? I’m switching to ducks because… Do you know what I do? I drive in my wondrous craft to the home of the ducks, and I throw FREE FOOD at them. I look at them, I admire them, and I give them FREE FOOD out of the kindness of my heart. I mean, to be fair, it’s not asking much of me—sunflower kernels aren’t that expensive. Now, imagine if ducks could talk! I’d try to teach them things. I’d offer them “free” food in exchange for peace. I see the way that they pick on each other. Because we can communicate, I can teach them a lesson: you’ll get further by working together. Look, humanity definitely doesn’t have its shit together, but our collective power has led to some pretty cool stuff. In fact, since they’re starting from scratch, I might be able to teach the ducks what pitfalls to avoid.

Yeah, not all people are like me. (Not that I’m a wondrous god for feeding the ducks.) Though, I’m sure many appreciate the duck. Granted, not all avoid harming the ducks. Some people eat ducks. I’m sure some assholes have kicked ducks at parks to make themselves feel better. But do you know what I have? Empathy.

Empathy is a hugely powerful skill. I mean, I’ll be honest: I’ve eaten duck, and I’m unfortunately not a vegan. I feel guilty, though, and I know lots of people who eat meat that feel guilty about it, and I imagine that the vegan movement will only continue to grow. But I care. I’m just a stupid, unenlightened, primitive (compared to space-faring aliens) human—yet, I do care. With time, I’d hope that the aliens can care even better.

If technological and social progress go hand-in-hand, then I’d be hopeful.

But, if the aliens are here and they’re not throwing sunflower kernels at us, then what’s the point? Yes, I just reduced “Are there aliens?” all the way down to “If aliens aren’t nice, what’s the point?” I’m serious.

The aliens don’t have to be warfaring assholes. If they’re apathetic, get ’em outta here. If they’re too busy discussing the Prime Directive, get ’em outta here. Be kind and help out—or leave.






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