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And here I thought that the time between 2020’s end of October report and my catching up report at the beginning of the year was a long time to go without a blog post. So much has happened in the past year. We found out that my partner was going to need surgery for the thing in her brain, her father passed away, her grandmother passed away, she underwent a very successful surgery for the thing in her brain, I ran a successful Kickstarter (for my MÖRK BORG zine Börk Morgue #666), I had to do another bout of physical therapy (and am now medically exempt from holding in my farts), I finally figured out what was wrong with my feet/toes, and I started taking Venlafaxine to help with my depression and my anxiety. Oh, and I recently updated/changed my site, so that’s cool!

Furthermore, in that time, I started and finished GMing a Mausritter campaign, and I think the next thing on my radar is running Ultraviolet Grasslands with Troika! Although, DURF is looking pretty tempting over there. I’ve also been playing some Dark Fort on my own, and I’ll definitely have a lot more to say about that soon.

Doing the Kickstarter for my zine really burned me out, and I was hitting a roadblock with my mental health after the toll that this year has taken. With time and Venlafaxine, I’m feeling a lot better, and I’m working on a few new projects.

I’ve also made a little coffee guide that I want to spiff up to post on here. Making coffee has been a nice nearly-daily ritual that has helped keep me sane. Drugs can be pretty cool, ya know? Hell, I even made a little coffee thing for Mausritter: Mocha Mice!

Oh, and I finally got to visit home again! My mom and my sisters have all moved into new places, and it was really nice to see everyone growing. My mom’s new place is so her—I love it. Now my dad just needs to fix up and sell our old and very cursèd house. Oh, but my dad did get a new truck; so, good for him, ya know? Then, since writing this, I got to visit home again again. Very nice! We had a nice holiday—for the most part.

What else? I played Children of Morta. That was a really fun co-op experience. I finally knocked out Divinity: Original Sin II, but I never ended up enjoying it as much as the first one. Playing Hades was really fun, which was no surprise because I loved Bastion and Transistor. I went back and beat Hyper Light Drifter with the help of cheats, but it was worth it. Oh yeah! Loop Hero was a ton of fun too, and that was a surprise to me. Night in the Woods made me cry a bunch—so, very good. Röki was a fun little experience. So was A Short Hike. I had quite a bit of fun playing Valheim, which is definitely way more fun with friends. Then there was RimWorld. Oh boy. RimWorld. I lost too much time to that game, and I haven’t even played around with any of the DLCs yet. Last and definitely least, I gave up on West of Loathing because the second half felt so slow, boring, and tedious. Donut County was a silly little fun game. Kingsway was very unique and very inspiring, and a new update for that just came out! I also played LISA and Hotline Miami (and 2), and I have Hylics (and 2) on the docket next. Hotline Miami wasn’t really my thing, but, with cheats, it was a fun little power fantasy. On the other hand, LISA was… something else. A lot of its themes hit very close to home. Oh, I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned Papers, Please yet because that was another one of those very unique concepts. I retired Dicey Dungeons because it also ended up getting too challenging, but there is a lot to take from it, and I’ll probably revisit it. Downwell was a silly little game, and my partner ended up being way better at it than I was (which is actually also very true for Hotline Miami). Speaking of revisiting games, I might have to take another look at Moon Hunters for some inspo. Wait, did I not mention Valheim? Of course that was also a blast.

Squid Game was good, of course. I really enjoyed Dune; though, it seems quite a few people didn’t, which really surprises me. It reignited my appreciation for the books. Pen15 has been fun, but also a lot. Atypical was good. Brooklyn 99 had kind of a weak finish, but was pretty nice overall. Derry Girls got me pretty good. Fleabag was way better than I had expected. Sex Education was pretty interesting. Oh, I did also really get into Schitt’s Creek. I finally watched all of Black Mirror, which had plenty of good and not-so-good episodes. The anime Demon Slayer was fun. Bo Burnham: Inside hit me pretty good, and it was interesting to see Bo for the first time since one of my good friends (who had introduced me to him when we were kids) died. Hilda has been such a cute and fun take on mythology. Waffles and Mochi was a dumb little find, but it actually taught me a lot about food. Invincible was really great! Odd Taxi was really, really, really great! The Politician was pretty good, but it wasn’t terribly memorable. And, because my partner was getting into the god-awful Titans show, I got us into Young Justice, which we both enjoyed much more, especially the first two seasons, though we haven’t watched the latest season yet. Oh, and The Green Knight was pretty unique. There was also What We Do in the Shadows, which is very funny and chill. And another partial season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is out, following Jolyne! Of course, I’m current on the manga, but it’s always fun to see that stuff adapted to anime. Speaking of adaptations, I, uh, actually liked the live action Cowboy Bebop—at least, more than most people seemed to. I’m sorry. It definitely wasn’t faithful, but it was fun. Same can be said for The Witcher; though, The Wheel of Time kind of fell apart as it went on, which was a major bummer as a huge fan of the books.

Hmm. I consume more media than I really realize.

Here’s to what I hope is a good ye— Oh, who am I kidding?

Wait, where’s the conlang? That’s a great question. I’ve actually been working on it a bunch, so I’ll have to follow up with an update just for that somewhat soon.


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