Catching up report

My last post was the end of October report, which feels like it was forever ago. Since then, I’ve added five more things to my, the US presidential election happened, the holidays came and went, my partner had to get four MRIs, the MRIs found a non-cancerous brain tumor, she had to get a CT scan to verify what kind of tumor it was, the new year came, things didn’t magically get better, and then I witnessed treasonous and seditious acts live on the internet. I guess there are a couple of reasons that I haven’t been posting as many blog posts. Oh, and Ben Bova, the author of the series dearest to my heart (the Orion series) also passed away. I’m a bit tired.

Let me be crystal clear about the recent so-called protests. The nicest term that one could use for it would be a tantrum—and they don’t deserve nice. But doesn’t it get muddy if we call one thing a protest and call the other thing a tantrum? No. It actually makes it clearer. Fighting for human rights is very different than flipping over the checkers board because you lost. Currently, there is zero evidence of voter fraud that could’ve changed the outcome of the election. That’s it.

How do I know? Well, admittedly, I’m tired of these kinds of “enlightened centrist” takes that act like this is some kind of hypocrisy because I used to make them. Yeah, it’s true, and I am constantly reminded of my shame and guilt as this continues. Both sides are bad, I would say. There is never a reason for violence, I would say. But I fucking wised up and de-propagandized myself. Yeah, Republicans and Democrats both suck, but, uh, one side definitely sucks way more, and I’m not actually better by sitting in the middle and doing nothing. Turns out, I was actually left of both of our major parties and I couldn’t see through my own smugness. And violence? There are plenty of reasons for violence. We can’t tolerate intolerance. For fuck’s sake, I just talked to a high-schooler on an online video game who was talking about that. When I was their age, I was being a smug and edgy sad-ass. Nevertheless, I’m so glad younger people get it. I’m disgusted with all of the propaganda out there that’s used to brainwash younger people—and, by people, I mostly mean self-loathing white men. Again, I was one. Maybe still a bit self-loathing sometimes, but I think (and hope) that I’m much less edgy, and I go to therapy now, which, ya know, helps a lot.

So, please, don’t equate protests and treasonous acts. Don’t equate human rights with being a sore loser. Don’t think that you’re actually smarter than everyone by sitting on an imaginary fence so you can spew your edgy hot takes. It doesn’t work. So, please, for everyone’s sake, stop before you do grievous harm if you haven’t already. Oh, and apologize. That’s really important. People don’t get to spew vile hatred, then turn around and say, hey, look, we need unity right now.

I’m also very open. If you’re not an edgelord and I said something hurtful or inconsiderate, please let me know. I really try to not be oblivious, but it’s not like I haven’t beefed it before.

Alright, I’ll stop venting. What about fun stuff?

Fun stuff report

It’s hard right now to split this up between conlang stuff, RPG stuff, and writing stuff—mostly because the latter two have started to comingle and merge. So, why not a fun stuff report?

Admittedly, I still haven’t done too much work on my conlang, but it’s back on my radar again because I think it’d be really fun to be able to convert various tabletop RPGs into my conlang. Still, I’ve really been enjoying writing tabletop RPG content, so it feels silly to pressure myself into conlanging if that’s not what I’m feeling. Hobbies aren’t supposed to be stressful, right?

Alright. I have (or had) more to say, but I have to stop here because I’m so exhausted, but I want to actually publish a blog post instead of letting it sit around forever. More MÖRK BORG stuff, Mausritter stuff, and original stuff soon, I hope. Maybe even a conlang update.


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