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  • Designer’s Notes: The Psyber Devangelist and Other Psi-Sci-Fi

    Yes, I made another thing! By thing, I mean I made something cool for MÖRK BORG. By something cool, I mean I spent a lot of time—possibly too much time—on a new class along with some new equipment, weapons, powers, things to kill you, and some additional mechanics. It’s all inspired by science-fiction, cyberpunk, psychic powers, […]

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  • Designer’s Notes: Séquelle — an Album Crawl

    As I’m recovering from my surgery, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to throw up some— Actually, that’s a poor choice of words since I’ve been feeling pretty nauseous since the surgery. Anyway, here’s some designers’ notes. Yes, plural—I created this with my amazing partner. Séquelle — an Album Crawl by GreysonWHY We had been listening […]

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  • Designer’s Notes: Carousing in the Dying World

    Yes—I published something! Carousing in the Dying World — for MÖRK BORG by GreysonWHY I had finished the first inkling of a ‘draft’ for Carousing in the Dying World and posted it to the MÖRK BORG Discord just minutes before there was an announcement of the brand-new MÖRK BORG Third Party License. My fun carousing […]

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