GreysonWHY. Greyson Yandt (/ɡɹeɪsən jant/; he/they/whatever).

Tabletop RPG designer, player, and GM. Conlanger, linguist, writer, coffee nerd, font fanatic, co-op member, and creative nothing. Check out all of my links.

Check out my page and my DriveThruRPG page for a digital sample of my recent tabletop RPG work. Some of my zines are also available in print—they can even be found in some brick-and-mortar stores.

Some more about me! Passionate and compassionate language scientist with experience in team management, project management, youth development, game design, graphic design, professional writing, academic writing, creative writing, and customer service.

Fan of em dashes, donuts, bicycling, powerlifting, Bionicles, video games (like Deep Rock Galactic, RimWorld, and the entire Metroid series), Max Stirner’s egoism, Karl Popper’s paradox of (in)tolerance, and ensuring that everyone has food, water, shelter, healthcare, and a living wage the pizza party economy. Not a fan of capitalism.

Currently designing tabletop RPG content, giving back to a hobby and a community that has given so much to me.