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End of June report

My best friend gains another year under his belt as do I in a few days time. I’m still dealing with physical therapy for my pelvic floor dysfunction as well as shoulder impingement. It feels like the world is on fire with the continuing protests and another surge of COVID-19. I’ll say it: black lives matter, and everyone should be… Read More »End of June report

End of May report

Oops! It’s already June 1st. My GURPS/Fate game was pushed back from Saturday to Sunday this weekend, so I ended up forgetting to write this post yesterday. Of course, there are other things going on right now. Like, a lot. And I’m tired of people acting like this is a political issue too. You know what I’m talking about. Justice for… Read More »End of May report

End of April report

COVID-19 is still here, but my new mechanical keyboard isn’t. What a way to start this report! Truly, I feel so grateful to be safe and healthy, but I have grown ever more frustrated and weary with the world, especially my country and the people within it. Don’t worry. I won’t get too political—well, not yet, at least. However, I… Read More »End of April report

End of March report

Well, COVID-19 is here, and it looks like it’s going to be staying a while. My arm is actually still recovering, but it’s definitely feeling better. As I’ve done more stretching, the symptoms from my infection have also started to go away, which is nice. There’s a new loveseat in the living room, I have a new mechanical keyboard on… Read More »End of March report

Disyllabic roots in greyfolk language, 3: the roots so far

After explaining how I planned the roots and how I created a database for them, I am ready to and happy to share the results! The 4-phoneme disyllabic roots: «kaka, kana, lapa, mama, masa, naka, nana, pala, papa, saha, sama, sasa, tata, taya, yata». The 5-phoneme disyllabic roots: «hahan, hakam, halan, halma, halta, hamam, hamla, hanal, hanpa, hanya, hapal, hapya,… Read More »Disyllabic roots in greyfolk language, 3: the roots so far

Disyllabic roots in greyfolk language, 2: creating the database

In my end of February report, I mentioned that I was able to create a database to help me create disyllabic roots while preserving Hamming distance. One big part of that was devising a macro for Excel that would do the following: Range A is a bank of possible (according to the rules of my language) disyllabic roots. I generated… Read More »Disyllabic roots in greyfolk language, 2: creating the database

Disyllabic roots in greyfolk language, 1: planning the roots

In the process of creating the monosyllabic roots the first time (and, by extension, the second time), I had an idea of a few disyllabic roots that I wanted. As «me», «se», and «ke» are the singular personal pronouns, I wanted «mema», «sesa», and «keka» as the plural personal pronouns. That meant, for 4-phoneme disyllabic roots, there was an MM… Read More »Disyllabic roots in greyfolk language, 1: planning the roots