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  • Disyllabic roots in greyfolk language, 2: creating the database

    In my end of February report, I mentioned that I was able to create a database to help me create disyllabic roots while preserving Hamming distance. One big part of that was devising a macro for Excel that would do the following: Range A is a bank of possible (according to the rules of my […]

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  • End of February report

    My arm has recovered quite a bit! It’s functional, but it’s not quite back to the pain-free strength that it had before. My infection (or, perhaps, the symptoms left behind by the infection) hasn’t quite resolved yet, however. I went through another round of antibiotics and painkillers, and I am waiting to see if the […]

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  • Added a site icon

    It’s something small—literally quite small—, but I did it. It took a lot of trial and error—perhaps more than it should’ve taken. All I used was Excel and Paint.net. It’s a bit squishy-squashed, but that’s the Greyfolk word «pe», which is the first-person singular pronoun, translated into English as “I” or “me”, depending on the […]

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