It’s a life update! 6

[This is an old blog post that I wrote at the end of April 2022, but I gotta just get it out there.]

In my last update, I was all like, oh yeah, I’ll totally post a conlang update soon. So, as you can see, I definitely did not do that. I was working on some really cool conlang stuff before all of my time got sucked into working on d6 ARKFORT etc. It’s been months now since I’ve taken a good look back at my conlang, but I’ll get to that and a proper conlang update soon—like, for real actually maybe sometime soon eventually.

I’ve written a few other blog posts, but I was also saving posting those for after d6 ARKFORT etc as well. We’ve got “Economy of love and empathy: manufactured scarcity”, “Entitlement through being made to exist”, and even “I’m (not) pro-therapy”. Those are all pretty juicy, so I was saving them for after people had spent more money on my stuff, ya know? Though, it’s all nothing that I haven’t said before. Love shouldn’t be treated as a zero-sum game; I didn’t consent to being born, so it seems pretty unfair for life to ever suck; and I’m (not) pro-therapy, which really means that I’m anti-anti-therapy, which really means that I find therapy (and medication) useful because of my (recent) good experiences, but I would never want to invalidate another person’s bad experiences (and I’d hope that people wouldn’t invalidate my good experiences), but I think it’s unhelpful to let bad experiences get in the way of seeing therapy as a tool that can help people (while still trying to improve it, hating Big Pharma, and wanting it to be more accessible). That last one is a doozy.

Any fun videogames? Yeah. I played Going Under; that was a fun time of making fun of start-up culture. I played Hylics and Hylics 2—they got me really into surrealism for a hot minute. Slay the Spire was really addicting, and so was Griftlands. I think that means I like deck-building rogue-like/rogue-lite games or something. The demo for Coromon was really fun; the full game has since been released, but I haven’t been back around to it yet. Other than that, it’s been a lot of Fortnite. Yes, I have put off the game of my people for so long. And, by my people, I mean Zoomers. I was born right on the cusp of the Millennial to Zoomer transition, and I identify with both; while my friends tended to be older, my younger sisters meant I was exposed to Gen Z shit. Ew, gross, I hate [younger generation(s)]. But, really, it was funny because the person who got me into Fortnite is practically a Boomer compared to me—okay, not really, but still. I haven’t played much Deep Rock Galactic, but the new season is about to drop, and I really wish I had more people to play it with. It’s been a really lonely time for me over on Hoxxes, but at least I’ll have new guns to keep me company.

Any fun shows? Of course, of course. Ted Lasso was a banger. Uh… What else? My partner and I started watching Caprica (which, for me, is a re-watch, and I had forgotten just how sub-par I found it to be). We also went through all of Adventure Time, and that was also a re-watch for me until we got to the Distant Lands stuff. Wow, yeah, I think that’s pretty much it. Oh, and Demon Slayer—very fun, very pretty.

Juuuuuust workin’. d6 ARKFORT and Feculence weren’t too bad, but I’ve been stuck on Ψ.borg() for so long. I’m desperately trying to get through that as quickly as I can so I can move on with my life. This time around, doing a Kickstarter project isn’t burning me out—it’s making me desperate to work on “normal” MÖRK BORG stuff again. I’m just afraid of delivering late and letting people down. So many Kickstarter projects end up delayed, and I know that I never really mind delays much, so I figure that most people would honestly be fine, but I really just want to be able to deliver these zines on time. Plus, I’d like to be able to play these games instead of just working on them.


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