More About Me

Greyson Wyatt (Hingle-)Yandt is my full name, but it's not the first I've had. As of early 2016, I am a junior at Indiana University, studying for a major in Linguistics, a minor in Spanish, and another minor in Anthropology. Creative writing and education are two of my biggest passions. Science fantasy is my favorite genre in which to write, and I am currently working on the second draft of the sixth (or seventh?) iteration of my original series, currently titled the Zeta Gunmetal Serial. However, I also love to creatively write about GURPS, a tabletop role-playing game, and a lot of my content will be about that as well. As far as education goes, it is my dream to give back to others the experience given to me by my greatest teachers. Like those special teachers, I aim to be a progressive part of our education system and to provide a better experience overall for all students, especially those that are struggling.

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